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MD is a leading B2B platform that allows healthcare providers to communicate with their patients, improve outcomes, staff efficiency and the bottom line

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Core platform features

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Video, audio or chat online visits

  • Secure digital documents

Telehealth mobile application

    • Remote consultations

      Patients can see and speak to a doctor by video or chat, enabling enough time to reflect upon and input all important information

    • Online appointments

      Patients can schedule appointments via mobile app & web application with a specialist of their choice from anywhere in a few simple steps, 24/7

    • Patient convenience

      A user-friendly platform design provides patients a simple way to stay in touch with their clinitians, ideal for outpatient care and long term support

    Mobile app example 1
    • Patient triage

      Allow patients to message your practice with a medical or admin query, respond directly in the product, and save everything to their record

    • Digital documents

      Securely send and recieve digital documents. GP’s can send advice at the end of a consultation or useful information before an appointment

    • Accept payments

      Allows patients to pay online upon booking or accept credit card or cash onsite through the POS custom feature and a range of payment processors

    Mobile app example 2

Turnkey healthcare solution

A complete healthcare platform allows to seamlessly connect clinicians to their patients with full read/write back and patient medical records

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    Give your patients more choice and flexibility by connecting them to their preferred clinicians remotely using video or text consultations. All they need is a phone, tablet or laptop

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