MD’s patient marketing and relationship management software allows clinics to acquire, retain, and re-engage patients to increase retention & decrease dropout

  • Health & Fitness
  • iOS
  • Backend
  • Android
  • Chat
  • Video Calls
  • UI/UX
  • Native
  • White-label

Core platform features

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Video, audio or chat online visits

  • Secure digital documents

Marketing automation

MD provides a complete technology platform to take your services online and provide your patients with outstanding healthcare

Patient feedback

    • Increase retention

      Set up email & text campaigns that deliver the right content to the right patient at the right time – increasing engagement and reducing dropout

    • Manage reputation

      The system automatically sends feedback requests via text or email straight after appointments so that patients can post their own review

    • Interactive forms

      A short form where the doctor asks questions to the patients, to understand the patient’s needs better helps generate more qualified leads

    Mobile marketing example

Healthcare dashboard

Monitor your bookings, site visits, most popular service providers and services on any device, at any time, or from within the mobile admin app

Get started with 3 simple steps

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  2. Spread the word

    Spread the good news. Give your patients a convinient way to do frequent follow-ups, ask questions and get enhanced healthcare without leaving their home

  3. Connect & Treat

    Give your patients more choice and flexibility by connecting them to their preferred clinicians remotely using video or text consultations. All they need is a phone, tablet or laptop

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